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About the show

I enjoy playing Farming Simulator games as a way of relaxation. A few other people do as well. It started out as a group of online friends watching each other stream their farms to share new concepts and new ideas.

The show was launched and affiliated on Twitch TV in July 2020. Non copyright music was played in the background to fill silence in the beginning of new streams start up. A lot of time and thought was put into the music that I selected to play and was able to make a playlist to play them from.

Throughout the year 2020 many independent musicians began setting up live streams at home. Social media began to fill with independent artists and an array of new and very good talent.

I began reaching out to the independent artists and a few bands for their permissions to use their original music in my live streams. Many gladly accepted and I began purchasing all of their digital original music to replace the non copyright music that was already in use. Slowly these musicians original music became part of the show. Many people enjoyed coming in and hearing the new music and often wanted to know who it was by, I always give credit to these amazing artists and am very thankful for each of their permissions to use this music. With the addition of songlistbot and putting all of this digital music into a playlist, my community could now easily request these songs in chat so I could play the selected song for them.

People were coming in at different times throughout the morning streams. Some to support me as a streamer, others to listen to music. A few came to watch my play throughs on the farm and map I selected. One thing in common though, everyone liked to start their day with coffee, music and farming in the morning with FS19FarmerJim and I enjoyed their company as I started my day with a cup of coffee and a game I enjoy playing. The morning show now had a theme... Coffee, Music, and Farming with Farmer Jim.

Through continued support of the community through subscriptions, donations, bits, sponsors and affiliations. I was able to reach out to more musicians and purchase even more music for the community. I was able to reach out to an artist who was also on twitch to do some artwork for me and make my unique emote set to fill slots the community had unlocked.

Helping me grow

Feel free to reach out to FS19FarmerJim about any of the following subjects.
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