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Farmer Jim on Twitch

What can you expect here? Usually a long drawn out playthourgh on a selected map, loads of coffee drinking a warm welcoming community and some very good music from some very talented musicians.

Some other Fun Stuff...

Twitch TV

FS19FarmerJim's usual stream schedule is Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday mornings 8:30am to 11:30am est.

Something fun...
Free Silver is the Twitch TV channel points name that can be collected during FS19FarmerJim's live streams for participating. These are fun points to use during the livestreams.

Common Cents are loyalty points earned during FS19FarmerJims live streams that can be used to redeem fun sounds and other event prizes through the streamelements store.

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Fun Facts : Many commands and operations are useable in FS19FarmerJim's chat on twitch when he's offline as well. Billy Bot Bob is a bot mod that is in there 90% of the time. Interactions with the bot are still possible when FS19FarmerJim isn't online.
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