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FS19FarmerJim Livestream Support

Support means so much

The support that you show FS19FarmerJim's live streams always means so much. Whether it's through donations or the time you take out of your day to spend with me. All of it! I am thankful for....

The support that you show the channel also helps build the channel. It's through these interactions, donations, tips, bits, subscriptions, affiliations, sponsors and partners that I am able to offer anything back.

Free ways to show support

First of all thank you for the visit to the website today and thank you for taking an interest in supporting FS19FarmerJim's live streams.

Some of the best ways to support your favorite streamers are all Free. Such as just be present during the live streams. In exchange for your time, even if you don't have time to participate in chat, just keep the stream up for some great music by some very talented independent musicians. You will also earn Common Cents loaylty points just for being there.

Simply following, sharing, and commenting on FS19FarmerJim's other social medias and helping others see the content that is posted.

When I do go live, simply by using your channel to host mine whether you are a streamer or not is another great way to show your support for free. Also you'll get noticed by Billy Bot Bob and 100 Free Common Cents loyalty points for your troubles.

Take a moment and request a song from the songlist. Doing this is also free. It not only helps FS19FarmerJim decide what song to play, it gives the talented musicians some recognition.

Did you know if you have an amazon prime account, you get one FREE subscription to your favorite twitch streamer per month. Subscribe the normal way, scroll down and checkmark the subscribe with Prime checkbox. If you use your prime to subscribe to FS19FarmerJim you'll not only earn 5 times the common cents for being a subscriber, Billy Bot Bob will see to it that you are listed as one of FS19FarmerJim's Bezos Buddy list.

Other ways to support

Tossing a tip to a streamer is a good way to show support. Tossing a tip to FS19FarmerJim's streamelements page will earn you 375 common cents for every dollar.

Subscribe to FS19FarmerJim's Twitch TV live streams. Subscribers earn 800 Common Cents and recive 5 times the bonus common cents when in a FS19FarmerJim Live strea.

You can support FS19FarmerJim's Coffee addiction by buying him a coffee through the Ko-Fi page.

FS19 FarmerJim is a proud Giants partner, you can support the channel by using promo code FARMERJIM at checkout when buying Giants products through their website.

Become a sponsor or advertise with FS19FarmerJim. Have an event planned for stream, small business, or organization? Think FS19FarmerJim's community would make an ideal target audience? I love working with Streamers, Small Businesses and Organizations on an advertising campaign for that event.

Shop through FS19FarmerJim live stream affiliation links at places you may already shop to help support the stream.


Your support not only matters to me. Your support matters to musicians, artists and our growing community.

The support you show to the FS19FarmerJim live streams helps purchase the music that we listen to and support the amazing independent artists that make the music. All the music that is requested and played during the stream has been purchased as a digital copy. Requesting the music gives the artist another listner they may not have had before.

The support you show to the FS19FarmerJim live streams helps purchase the emotes that are spammed and used in the chat. These emotes are purchased from artists found on twitch and they are made live on their streams.

The support you show to the FS19FarmerJim live streams helps purchase gift cards, music CDs, and game keys that are given out in live stream events.

So... Thank you, Thank you, Thank you for YOUR contribution to the show and our community.

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