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FS19FarmerJim's Junk Drawer

Listed below are game keys that have been given to FS19FarmerJim's Morning show to give out to the community of friends or Purchased by FS19FarmerJim himself because he found a good deal on them and thought someone else might enjoy them. Each button will take you to the appropriate site where you can watch a trailer before making a selection. Feel free to browse the games in the junk drawer and reach out to FS19FarmerJim when you have one in mind you'd like to get.

Junk Drawer

The junk drawer is full of game keys, mostly steam keays that FS19FarmerJim will never use, but don't want to see them go to waste. He will gladly share them with his community of supporters.
You can redeeme Game Keys from the Streamelements shop anytime if you have enough common cents or Use your free silver when FS19FarmerJim is live on Twitch.
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