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There are several ways to advertise with FS19FarmerJim. We are always looking for new music to feature in our playlists. Advertisers can purchase space in between songs or during the playlist. Sponsors for gifts or event giveaways are always a warm welcome.

Advertise your Music

FS19FarmerJim is always looking for music to be featured in his playlists during the live streams and youtube videos. I enjoy all kinds of music. If you are a musician, you have music you think I would be interested in, and wouldn't mind giving written permission to allow me to stream the music we purchase from you. Then I would love to hear what you have. Send me some links to your youtube videos and or website through our contact form.
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Advertise your brand

Business Owners, Organizations, Other Streamers, or someone who just wants to get the word out about something... This would be the advertisement spot for you.
FS19FarmerJim live streams usually last at least two hours and on the average 2 hours. During this stream he has a playlist that runs while he's playing with music that he has purchased. You can purchase 15 second, 30 Second or 1 minute time slots during the live stream of the music stream. This advertisement can be in the form of a banner, informative text, or short informative video. Use the contact form to inquire more about this.
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FS19FarmerJim enjoy's his audiance and enjoys doing things that gets them excited about the stream and different ways to interact. If you are an advertiser that would like to sponsor and event with special recognition for weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly participation prizes feel free to contact FS19FarmerJim to work out any details.
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If you would like to advertise during FS19FarmerJim's live streams feel free to download the price list and advertiser application.

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