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A cozy little morning show full of
coffee, music and farming.

What to expect...
Discover the captivating world of virtual farming with FS19Farmer Jim, an esteemed Giants Software Partner. Dive into a delightful morning show on YouTube where Farmer Jim intertwines his passion for coffee, music, and the art of virtual farming. Grab your favorite cup of joe and join him as he takes you on an immersive journey through his virtual farm, sharing entertaining anecdotes and engaging conversations along the way. As a valued member of the community, you'll also have the chance to win exciting game keys in the generous giveaways hosted by Farmer Jim. Don't miss out on this unique and enriching experience with Farmer Jim and his virtual farm family.

FS19FarmerJim Live Streams and Socials

On Youtube! Junk Drawer! Farmers Socials!

FS19 FarmerJim

FS19FarmerJim: the charismatic host of an extraordinary morning show on YouTube, and a distinguished partner of Giants Software. Join FarmerJim on a captivating adventure as he brings you the best of virtual farming and beyond.

Donations to FS19 Farmer Jim support our games, live streams, contests, prizes and much more. We appreciate all of the contributors that helps keep our live stream broad casts running.
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